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e-waste circuit board recycling los-angeles

E-Waste – Circuit Board Recycling LOS ANGELES

“Computers are made with a variety of elements, like plastics, glass, steel, gold, lead, mercury, cadmium and fire retardants that can be recaptured through recycling and used again. If thrown away, these computers can release toxins into the environment, potentially polluting the groundwater we drink and the air that we breathe. Recycling the resources in computers also eliminates the need to obtain these elements from nature, decreasing production impact on the environment.

We process end of life computer scrap, specializing in high-grade circuit boards. A partial list of material we accept includes:
  • Motherboards Recycling
  • Finger Cards Recycling
  • Server Boards Recycling
  • Telecom Boards Recycling
  • Processors (CPU) Recycling
  • Computer Memory (RAM) Recycling
  • Hard Drives Recycling
  • CD-ROM/Floppy Drives Recycling
  • Power Supplies Recycling
  • UPS Battery Backups Recycling
  • PC Towers Recycling
  • Computer Wire Recycling
  • CRT Monitors Recycling
  • Printers Recycling
  • Televisions Recycling

Environmentally Responsible Processing

Our dedication to extricating the most extreme quality from disposed of IT hardware is an essential manageable methodology that shuts the circle on the IT gear lifecycle and minimizes the natural effect of these gadgets.

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