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E-waste recycling causes and effects

E-waste recycling cause and effects almost each and every system of the human body due to the overabundance of toxic components and particles such as Lead Mercury, Cadmium, Barium, Lithium and Poly brominated Flame Retardants. The plastic covering of electronic devices compose of Polyvinyl Chloride. The impacts on health because of improper e-waste appear in a form of brain, heart, kidney, and liver, birth defects, as well as causes skeletal system damage. Moreover, they also significantly badly impact the reproductive and nervous systems of human.

e-waste recycling causes and effects

Presently E-waste constitutes around 2% to 5% of municipal solid waste stream of US. According to the latest prediction and research by Carnegie Mellon University. There is around 70 million computers are being recycled in the landfills of USA in which average computer monitors contains 5 to 8 pounds or even more amount of lead that represents 40% of the total lead in the landfills of US.

Those toxins and pollutants are persistent, particularly bio-accumulative toxins (PBTs) originates health and environmental risks when computers get burnt, melted down and put them in landfills. When computer screens as well as other devices are burnt they produce cancer-producing dioxins and release those particles in the air in which we breathe in. If electronics are just thrown in landfills, those toxins might percolate and leach into groundwater which might affect native resources?

The major cause for the increasing rate of e-waste recycling is due to the increasing number of products manufactured because of the constant rate of advancing technology, development as well as mentality of human due to which disposal issues are raising as excess of anything is not always good. As technology is continuously and constantly advancing, the amount of e-waste recycling which is being produced worldwide with nearly 41 million tons of electronics is also being thrown and needing to be recycled per year. Together with the alarmingly great extent of this type of waste is becoming the issue of how it’s being dealt with because its effects might cause and spread the serious health and environmental issues in society. Here is the list of causes and effects of e-waste that how e-waste can harmfully effect on the environment of the earth & its inhabitants if it’s not recycled properly and ethically.

Air Pollution for e-waste recycling

The open-air burning might release hydrocarbons in the air, while biochemical disrobing of gold-plated chips from computers originates brominates dioxins emissions and hefty metals. According to the recent research on environmental impacts of the prevalent e-waste landfill all over the world. In China, Guoyu, U.S. found airborne dioxins to be around 100 times more predominant than measured previously.

Water Pollution for e-waste recycling

The Cathode ray tube that is enclosed generally in older TVs, computer screens, video cameras and are frequently fragmented apart, the yoke detached and the shell dumped. Particles present in shell including barium and lead might leach into the soil as well as into the groundwater of nearby localities. This threatens not only to people who drink that water but also the various wildlife species that relies on this water in order to survive.

Soil Pollution for e-waste recycling

Another latest research on the landfills indicates that wind patterns across the nearby regions of landfills disperse toxic particles. Food Supply is at risk because of the toxins inflowing the “soil-crop-food pathway,” which is one of the most major ways that consuming of heavy metals by the human body.

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