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Environmental Effects of E Waste

ee waste waste, generally known as “electronic waste” refers to all electric/electronic equipment requiring to be disposed of. An example would be: TV’s, old cell phones, computer towers, printers etc. The advancement of technology increases each day.

The amount of e-waste being produced globally is drastically increasing. In this article we will be discussing how E-waste negatively impacts the earth’s environment and its inhabitants. Also will include tips and guidelines demonstrating how we can deal with it.

Air Pollutionair pollution of waste

Many elementary e-waste “processing plants” are not ethically run or safe. Such as, several electronics waste traffickers’ burn open wires of computers in order to obtain the copper inside the wires. Coper is one of many valuable commodity obtained from scrap metal.  Those burning wires release hydrocarbons. At the same time the chemical disrobing of gold-plated computer chips cause releases of brominated dioxins and heavy metals into the air and air become polluted.


Water Pollution

water pollution of e waste

Cathode ray tubes which are frequently found in older televisions, computer monitors and video cameras are often broken apart, the yoke detached and the casing dumped. Substances in the casing, including barium and lead, could leak through the soil and into the ground water of local societies. This endangers not only the populaces who bathe and drink with this water but also harms the diverse species of wildlife that rely on water to survive.

Information Security

Moreover, electrical waste also poses a potential security risk to both businesses as well as individuals. If a hard drive is not carefully and properly erased before throwing it away, it can be unlocked and reveal any kind of personal information. It can potentially put sensitive data in the hands of the wrong people. Financial data, Credit card numbers, bank account information can all be acquired by those trained to do so. There is an immense crime circle organization in Ghana dedicated to search through discarded computer drives for these kinds of secret or sensitive information.

Human Exploitation

According to the recent research Report, around 29.8 million people living in poverty worldwide. More populaces are committing themselves into exhausting and dangerous work in order to earn their demeaning income, as it might be the only work available. Meanwhile 90% of e-waste is illegitimately traded. There are numerous criminals across the world benefiting from the processing and stripping of e-waste by poorer workers. Those workers are exposed to harmful materials on a regular basis. Workers may also be intimidated into working lengthy hours, putting themselves at even more risk.

How to dispose of e waste ethically and safely

There are numerous ways of properly recycling electronic materials. People can search for different legitimated organizations that offer services for re-Planet recycling or the recycling of electronic waste materials. E-waste Cleanup is among the top-notch e-waste cleanup or recycling companies in Southern California having a well-versed experience in the field of recycling of E waste equipment. If Southern Californians are in search for recycling E-wastes services near them then ewastecleanup.com is the right solution for them.

Numerous Local societies generally have special days dedicated to collecting all e-waste stuff across the town. People may also keep an eye out in local websites and newspapers to find out if their town has such programs or days. Everyone is able to sustainably and ethically recycle e-waste –So let’s start it from today and play your part in making earth a better place.










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