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Five Facts about E-waste Recycling

The rate of  e-waste recycling is increasing day by day. It’s becoming one of many highly crucial matters to look out for future of the earth. Recycling and flush of the old mobile phone, televisions, computers, keyboards, printer, all peripherals as well as other kind of electronic materials. They should be one of the top priorities for the organizations that are responsible and work to look after the environment of Earth as well as of those want to advance their ecological impression. When it comes to the serious consideration of recycling and reprocessing of E-waste and its significance on the earth environment. It is important to remember few of the most surprising facts of electronics waste recycling for the people all across the world.

five facts about e-waste recyclingIn this article there is five facts about E-waste that will help to illustrate the ongoing requirement for people all over the world in order to put efforts to re-use, re-process of appropriately recycle their old electronic stuff that will be of no use for them.

 At E-waste Cleanup, the key focus is making the society more green and healthy by minimizing the health hazards and other bad influences. Offering competent services of ethically recycling e-waste as EwasteCleanup is compliant and certified e-waste firm. Also EwasteCleanup is well informed about the facts and statistics about recycling of E-waste industry.  E-waste cleanup has gathered some of the most important and noteworthy 5 facts about the recycling of E-waste stuff. Following 5 facts about e-wastes will help to get people more aware about the importance of e-waste recycling in making earth a better planet to live.

energy saving

Energy Saving for e-waste recycling

E-waste recycling, such as one million laptops can save energy which is equivalent to the amount of total electricity consumed by around 3,657 homes in USA annually.

toxic effects of improper recyclingToxic Effects of improper recycling

Approximately, 80 percent to 85 percent of electronic devices discard in incinerators or landfills can release toxic particles that are dissolved in the air and pollute the air. Moreover, it negatively impacts on the people’s health and particularly on the health of people who work in the landfills and are living in nearby areas.

Represents 2% of America's trashRepresents 2% of America’s trash

E-waste signifies 2 percent of USA garbage in landfills; however it is equivalent to around 70 percent of overall toxic waste. A great amount of lead particles in electronics individually harm blood, peripheral and central nervous systems as well as on the kidneys. Merely 12.5 percent of electronic waste is presently recycled.


Contains high quantity of chemicals

To manufacture one computer and a monitor, it takes around 48 lbs. of chemicals, 539 lbs. fossil fuel, as well as 1.5 tons water.

Contains high quantity of chemicals

Contain high quantity of precious metalscontain high quantity of precious metals

Cellular phones as well as other electronic devices contain a great quantity of precious metals such as silver and gold. Dumped phones in USA contain gold and silver of cost more than $60 million annually. Every one million recycled cell phone contain 75 lbs. gold, 35,274 lbs. copper, 772 lbs. silver and 33 lbs. palladium.

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