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Importance of E-Waste Recycling

Efficient e-waste recycling surges as the usage of electronics are growing. With the help of new and effective devices, organizations have gained remarkable advantages. Although this growth in the electronics industry has led human life and electronic wastage in problems. Now this issue is receiving more considerations from industries, consumers and politicians. Most of the consumers still don’t know how to recycle old electronics safely. According to the report, 75% of the electronic devices are kept in houses due to lack of appropriate recycling options.

importance of e-waste recyclingElectronic devices are also known as e- waste, items includes are stereos, computers and all equipment such as televisions, mobile phones and accessories. These items are then refurbished and renovated but large amount of items still need to be dumped.

Why E-waste Recycling is important?

Rich source from raw materials.

Almost 10-15 percent gold is recovered from electronic waste devices successfully whereas the rest of gold is lost. According to the United Nations, the electronic wastes cover almost 40 to 50 times richer precious metals than the metals in the mines.


Solid Waste Management.

With the latest expansion in the electronic industry, they make the life easier but it gives a rapid growth in electronics waste.

Toxin Old Material.

Toxic substances like mercury, chromium, lead and cadmium are found in abundance in used electronics. Proper processing of these substances should be ensured and not be released into environment. These substances contains other heavy metals that can be even more toxic and flammable.

International transportation of Hazardous waste.

The unrestrained and uncontrolled movements of electronic wastes with the cheap labor in different countries have put human life in great risks for local inhabitants. Because the emission of this toxic substance is still a major problem. Visit to know more about Hazardous waste

Electronic wastes is very dangerous to add in landfills because of heavy metals. These metals individually are not dangerous but it is when it’s combined with tons and tons of materials. E-waste in landfills very difficult and dangerous to recycle. They effect negatively on our environment. Now in most places there are Recycling Centers where all electronic waste is accepted. This act is very helpful for the organizations to recycle safely rather than putting toxins in landfills. It will keep the future of our children and environment secure and safer.

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