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Hall Marks of Effective IT Asset Disposal Services

A time to retire
IT and IT- related assets are some of the most treasured and important facilities to the modern organization, both commercial and non commercial. However, whether they are computers or other appliances facilitating the handling of information, these tools have a limited time frame of function and relevance .After their lifespan is over, they get tired and they are all slated to be retired. That is how the relevance and importance of IT asset disposal comes to the scene.
However, as an organization you have a choice to make in regard to who should handle the disposal of all such retired assets. You need to get competent and trusted hands to do the job in a manner that is lawful, secure, and consistent with professional ethics and standards. This means that you need to have a checklist against which you can weigh the efficiency and success of every service provider before you can assign and trust them with the job. This article therefore seeks to give you a proven yard stick against which you can weigh the potential service provider. Read on below to find out what the yard stick contains.
Recycling standards
One of the common ways of disposing of IT assets is recycling. You need to check with the vendor whether they actually recycle the retired assets in a manner that is compliant with the federal and state laws. Another factor that you need to consider is the company’s certifications for environmental compliance.
Vendor insurance cover
In the process of disposing of IT assets, errors, and omissions are likely to occur and this makes it necessary for vendors to get a cover for that. Make sure that you see their Error& Omissions, Environmental and Data Breach Insurance certificate cover.
Vendor reporting
Another component of the checklist is the ability of the vendor to give back a detailed audit report of the whole process. The report should contain serial numbers, assets details and it should be done on time, at least within 30 days.
Overall vendor capabilities
You also need to make sure that you verify the overall capabilities of the vendor in the following areas: data destruction policy and compliance with state and federal requirements. You can confirm this with leading and relevant third party authorities.
Onsite scanning
Another factor to consider is the ability and willingness of the vendor to perform on site scanning of your assets, when and if the need arises.

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