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E-waste Health Hazards

e waste health hazards

E-waste is one of many critical environmental issue, Due to the leaching of heavy metals and toxic chemicals soils in landfills, the air pollution and water supplies caused through inadequate recycling methods in developing states. We all know very well that Electronic-waste is hazardous to human health, specifically to those ...

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How to electronics waste recycling works

how to e-waste recycling works

Electronics waste subsumes of waste electronics goods which are not fit for their originally intended use. Such electronics goods are basically television, telephones, radios, computers, printers, fax machines, DVDs and CDs etc. Electronics products such as computers and cell phones incorporate a lot of different toxins. Today the electronic waste ...

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E waste management techniques

IT Asset Disposal Services

E waste companies recycle used items to be brought back to their full potential. EwasteCleanup has been in business over 11 years and has become the top recycle company in So Cal. Ewaste Cleanup is able to provide service for their clients to remove or uninstall any electronic item safely ...

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Environmental Effects of E Waste

e waste

e waste, generally known as “electronic waste” refers to all electric/electronic equipment requiring to be disposed of. An example would be: TV’s, old cell phones, computer towers, printers etc. The advancement of technology increases each day. The amount of e-waste being produced globally is drastically increasing. In this article we ...

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